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Google slapped by $US2.4 billion antitrust fine

Google has been fined US$2.4billion by Brussels for abusing its market dominance as a search engine, through promoting its own shopping service at the...

Artificial intelligence arrives for test generation

Appvance's CEO explains how new AI technology is already impacting test organisations and how it will impact yours in the coming months 
EU general protection data

EU Parliament approves new data protection rules

The EU’s MPs have given their final approvals to new EU data protection rules, which aim to give citizens back control of their personal...

Website performance issues stop UK public from registering to vote

UPDATE: As reported by the BBC, the EU referendum vote registration has been extended. The site allowing the UK public to register to vote in this...

New report from Beecham Research shows smart cities need intelligent platforms to thrive

Smart city projects focused on solving specific problems such as pollution, traffic and parking will be replaced by a more holistic approach that looks...
cyber security in the UK

UK government-backed scheme offers free cyber security guidance to SMEs

The Government-backed Trustworthy Software Initiative is launching ‘Trustworthy Software Essentials’ giving Britain’s small businesses free access to world-leading guidance, drawn up in consultation with...

USA and Russia’s ‘dead’ cyber security strategy

According to The Atlantic, Donald Trump’s cyber security agreement with the Russian President “ended before it began”. After Trump’s “unexpectedly long” meeting on Friday with...

Singapore plans to introduce driverless buses by 2022

Singapore plans to introduce driverless buses on its public roads by 2022, in three new neighborhoods, which are less crowded than surrounding roads and designed to accommodate the buses

CMA secures better deal for cloud storage users

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have committed to providing cloud storage users with fairer contracts, following action taken by the CMA. Complying with consumer law These three...

Car manufacturers in Germany will have to give regulators access to their software

Carmakers looking for acceptance of new vehicles in Germany will be required to give regulators access to their software, under measures being readied by the...