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Summit Report

New Report takes an in-depth look at European software testing projects

A new report written by the Judging Panel from the 2016 European Software Testing Awards, analyses past and current entries into the Awards programme,...
software glitch border control

Software bug affects USA Customs and Border Protection during holiday season

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has confirmed that a recent software update caused a four-hour Customs computer outage on the 3rd of January, which...

Artificial intelligence arrives for test generation

Appvance's CEO explains how new AI technology is already impacting test organisations and how it will impact yours in the coming months 

Intelligent testing: The radical new business disruptor

Testplant says businesses that use the intelligence they get from testing their core products will be fundamental success in 2018
NASA software

NASA releases updated open source software bundle including testing tools

US space organisation, NASA, has now released its 2017-2018 software catalogue available for members of the public to freely use, without any copyright fees. Catalogue...
test automation satellite

New test automation platform for Space Systems Finland

Space Systems Finland Oy (SSF) develops software and systems design solutions for customers in aerospace, defense, medical devices, machinery, and nuclear industries. The company’s...
Canada hacked

Hackers exploit software bug and breach Canadian government agency site

As a precautionary measure, Canada Revenue Agency took its website offline to deal with unspecified "internet vulnerability," later revealed to be related to the...
smart city

An open source cityscape

A smart city is a sensitive city, positions Katie Foster, Director, International Marketing, GitHub. When we talk about smart cities we view them as an...
chatbot UK

Think tank reports: as many as 250,000 public sector jobs set to be replaced...

Artificially intelligent (AI) chatbots could soon replace up to 90% of the UK government’s administrative staff, saving taxpayers billions and streamlining efficient services. According to...
UK statistics cyber crime

New national statistics report shows over 5m fraud and computer misuse offences in 2016

New figures from the Office of National Statistic’s ‘Crime in England and Wales: year ending Sept 2016’ report, showed an estimated 6.2 million incidents...