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New year, new rules – 2018 in the software testing industry

Carmen Carey, CEO of software testing and performance monitoring experts Apica, gives her five industry predictions for 2018

Mobiles are in demand over computers, says Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab research found modern users increasingly prefer to use mobile devices other than computers for their online activities

Artificial intelligence arrives for test generation

Appvance's CEO explains how new AI technology is already impacting test organisations and how it will impact yours in the coming months 

Twistlock exposes container security developments

CEO and Co-founder of container security firm Twistlock, Ben Bernstein, spoke exclusively with Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, about major developments in the...

HMRC’s software glitch overchargers taxpayers

Accountants warn people that they may be paying too much tax, if they fall into certain income brackets, because of HMRC’s online self-assessment tax...
whatsapp encryption

Terrorism and technology: Exploring Amber Rudd’s comments on encryption

Dr Andrew Whiting, Lecturer in Security Studies at Birmingham City University, responds to Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s comments that strong encryption is "completely unacceptable",...
smart city

An open source cityscape

A smart city is a sensitive city, positions Katie Foster, Director, International Marketing, GitHub. When we talk about smart cities we view them as an...
Summit Report

New Report takes an in-depth look at European software testing projects

A new report written by the Judging Panel from the 2016 European Software Testing Awards, analyses past and current entries into the Awards programme,...
Cyber Security

Israel’s new cyber bill signifies a holistic approach to cyber protection

Special Counsel Roy Keidar, Israeli law firm Yigal Arnon & Co, examines the New Israeli Cyber Bill, with the assistance of Arod Balissa. The Israeli parliament (Knesset)...
US Government

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services invests in software testing

Capgemini, through Capgemini Government Solutions, has announced that it has been awarded a US$53 million, three-year task order, to provide independent testing and evaluation services for U.S....