Product news

Product news

Safyr simplifies personal data discovery

Supplier of enterprise application metadata intelligence software, Silwood, announces the availability of its Safyr Version 7

Callsign integrates IDA tech with Couchbase

Callsign announces its intelligence driven authentication (IDA) technology with Couchbase

Telarus helps sell IGI’s management system

Infinite Group partners with top master agent Telarus, bringing its management system Nodeware to its nationwide network of world-class partners

China’s Institute of Digital Guangdong serves new Z-Wave certification

Provider of intelligent system-on-chip (SoC) technologies, Sigma Designs, announces its Institute of Digital Guangdong (IDG) will serve as a new Z-Wave Certification test house in China

North Carolina deploys Apex’s ALM fiber monitoring technology

ADVA Optical Networking announces North Carolina deployed Apex’s ALM fiber monitoring technology

Mattel decides against AI powered “babysitter”

Mattel decides against releasing its artificial intelligence (AI) powered “babysitter” called Aristotle, because of privacy and other implications

Security Alliance provides users with new threat intelligence platform

Security Alliance launches its cyber threat intelligence platform ThreatMatch at the official opening of the UK Cyber Demonstration Centre

Basis Technologies reinvent SAP regression testing with Robotic Test Automation

Basis Technologies announces the expansion of its DevOps Toolset with Testimony; a solution that offers a radical new approach to functional regression testing of SAP environments

VITEC makes 4K content ‘more affordable’ to stream

VITEC announces making 4K content "more affordable" to stream and distribute

Quark extends QuarkXPress Competitive Upgrade offer

Due to popular demand, the QuarkXPress 2017 Competitive Upgrade offer has been extended until 31 December 2017