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How to keep performance testing affordable

Sascha McDonald, Architect and Founding Director of of and Founding Director of Testing Performance Ltd, explains how combining JMeter with the platform...

Israeli company launches software platform for gas sector

To enable the registering of transactions between companies in the global natural gas sector, Israel’s PZ Projects is launching a novel software platform

SQS’s VA-Q integrates virtual assistants

SQS launches its latest solution called VA-Q, for businesses wanting to better integrate voice-controlled virtual assistants into their services and products

Guarantee safety and performance by testing the Ethernet network system in the car with...

The automotive industry has turned to Ethernet, the same high-speed networking technology which connects PCs and workstations to servers in millions of offices around the world
veracode greenlight

“Get Secure Coding Feedback in Seconds – Right in Your IDE”

Add Security at the Speed of DevOps and Reduce Cost to Fix Companies are facing pressure to release software faster, often at the expense of...

The state of software testing

CEO at Validata Group explains how testing activities are becoming more pivotal as business process quality is deemed more important than time to market

‘Battle of the Apps’ – Amazon vs Ebay

'Battle of the Apps' is Testbirds’ brand new series that has two apps go head-to-head

How to capture mobile app market?

According to Statista, an international statistics portal, the combined mobile app revenue will reach US$189billion by 2020

‘Hackathon’ aims to stop lifestyle issues through tech

The Tata group, which comprises over 100 companies spread across six continents, recently organised its first ‘Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Hackathon’ on healthcare

Biometric system scans users’ hearts to lock or unlock gadgets

Researchers develop a biometric system that scans users’ hearts to lock or unlock gadgets.