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The UK government’s driverless vehicle ‘Industrial Strategy’

In a bid to make the UK one of the leading countries in the world to test, develop and drive self-driving cars, the government has commissioned a three-year review of driving laws

How AI is taking the drudgery out of business processes

Adam Reynolds, CEO of webexpenses, discusses how we may be missing the more mundane and practical ways that AI is already reshaping our everyday working lives

Report says AI could be the cure for NHS’ nursing crisis

According to a recent report revealed by the BBC, artificial intelligence (AI) could benefit healthcare officials from the NHS

Will robots take over low-paid jobs?

Touching upon a recent report, Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, asks senior software testers their thoughts on artificial intelligence taking over low-paid jobs

Uber ‘may be selling’ self-driving tech to Toyota

Uber is currently in talks with Toyota about the firm installing its self-driving system 

US military uses Google’s TensorFlow AI systems

The US military uses Google’s TensorFlow AI systems for one of its drone projects

UK government to review law before driverless cars take over UK roads

The government has been told that it must review the law before self-driving cars take over UK roads

UK government reveals smart device security guidelines

In order to make internet-connected devices safer to use following a series of security breaches, the UK government reveals new guidelines

High-Tech Bridge CEO explains the importance of mobile backend security testing

According to High-Tech Bridge's CEO, Ilia Kolochenko, many companies still believe that mobile application security is limited to the application, completely forgetting about the backend of a system

Uber and Alphabet’s Waymo settle lawsuit

Waymo's lawsuit against Uber stealing "trade secrets" gets settled