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Canada invests US$2.7million into quantum radar

Canada invests US$2.7million into developing quantum radar to improve the detection of stealth aircraft and replace Arctic radar stations

Waymo and Tesla’s self-driving data differences

Waymo and Tesla are both in the process of creating self-driving vehicles – but in different ways

Iterative aspects of machine learning

As a software tester, it's important to know the iterative aspect of machine learning, as models can have a mind of their own when exposed to new, fresh data

Google launches Android SMS replacement

Google begins to roll-out its new worldwide Chat messaging service, replacing Android SMS text messages

Tesla’s Model 3 production pause

Tesla temporarily suspends its Model 3 assembly line because of facing challenges when ramping up its new sedan and over targets not being delivered

Google releases preview of Android upgrade

Google releases the first developer preview of its Android upgrade, Android P

Ensuring a brighter future with AI

How ready is your insurance organisation for the advent of artificial intelligence (AI)?

Apple to bring 4 gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020

Apple announces the firm's global facilities are 100% run by renewable energy, and touches upon an eco-friendly incentive

Telstra Director believes automation is shaped by its cloud strategy

The Director of global platforms at Telstra, Jim Fagan, reveals in a keynote that the "path to automation is being shaped by its cloud strategy and the development of its Programmable Network"

Will Apple’s move away from Intel cause software complications?

Bloomberg has revealed that Apple will stop using Intel chips in its Mac computers by 2020, but what effect will this have on software developers rushing into recording their software on new Apple processers?