67% of companies that test blockchain invest US$100,000, says report

According to Juniper Research, most enterprises that have carried out tests of where they can use blockchain technology in their business are planning to invest more in blockchain research and development

Chip sales soar for Samsung

Samsung’s chip demand is "soaring", making a record profit of US$109million a day
Waymo's self-driving car

Waymo’s plan to incorporate technology into other vehicles

Google parent company Alaphabet is slowly reducing its new self-driving car developed by Waymo to the point of no production after travelling million miles...
connected car SQS

Staying safe: the connected cars edition

Accelerated public safety concerns of connected cars need to be addressed, argues Stephen Morrow, Principle Security Consultant, SQS. A phone on wheels Buoyed by today’s smart...
software failures in 2016

The biggest software fails of 2016

The newly released Software Fail Watch analyses all software bugs reported in 2016. The result is an extraordinary reminder of why effective software testing...
IoT security

Making IoT secure for the business

Vincent Delaroche, CEO of CAST, looks into the obstacles facing companies investing in the IoT. Whilst most of the chatter about the Internet of Things...
connected cars need to be more secure

New study reveals major concerns over the security of connected cars

New research has revealed that half of British drivers (49%) are concerned about the safety of the connected car, with automotive manufacturers also admitting...
virtual reality in manufacturing

Virtual reality delivers quality savings for Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce has saved almost £2 million in just over a year, after investing in virtual reality software. The nuclear arm of the business was...

Fiat Chrysler recalls software glitch

More than 1.25 million Fiat Chrysler pickup trucks have a software glitch, which might be associated with one fatality, two injuries and two accidents. The...

Digitisation transforms the automotive sector

Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan discuss new growth opportunities as automotive sectors are expected to rise by US$2 trillion by 2025. Digitisation is rapidly transforming...