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Android’s security system comes last in testing

Play Protect, Android’s new security system, came last in testing with Google’s cyber security software and 24 competitors

How AI is taking the drudgery out of business processes

Adam Reynolds, CEO of webexpenses, discusses how we may be missing the more mundane and practical ways that AI is already reshaping our everyday working lives

Telstra Director believes automation is shaped by its cloud strategy

The Director of global platforms at Telstra, Jim Fagan, reveals in a keynote that the "path to automation is being shaped by its cloud strategy and the development of its Programmable Network"
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SAFE bacteria-detection software to be developed

Collaboratively, University College Dublin (UCD) and dairy firms have launched a €1.7 million three-year programme that will see software developed that will have the...

CES to cover the future of AI

IBM is to reveal the future of artificial intelligence (AI) on the 10 January 2018 at CES, Las Vegas

Automotive cyber security best practices discussed

Intel Corporation recently set up the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) to help reduce cyber security risks associated with connected automobiles, without stifling technological...

Uber joins Nasa to develop ‘flying taxis’

Uber signs a contract with Nasa to develop “flying taxi” software, in a bid to make autonomous flying taxis a reality

Uber ‘may be selling’ self-driving tech to Toyota

Uber is currently in talks with Toyota about the firm installing its self-driving system 

eCall emergency responder technology sees alleged hit-and-run driver arrested in Florida

As reported by local news outlets, a Florida driver allegedly involved in two hit-and-run incidents was tracked down after her car’s eCall emergency responder...

New connected car initiative takes off

The concept for the ‘truly connected car’ has emerged due to new developing technologies that are becoming commonplace in the everyday lives of consumers. A...