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The tech behind Jaguar Land Rover’s connected cars

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and BlackBerry work together to design a new software architecture for JLR's next-generation vehicles
Tesla explore China

Tesla explore China

Tesla has an agreement with the Shanghai government to explore a Chinese manufacturing plant. The US electric carmaker company wants to build electric cars in...

Microsoft says ‘superfast quantum computers are needed’

The head of Microsoft recently revealed at the World Economic Forum in Davos that "superfast quantum computers are needed to solve some of the most difficult problems"
connected cars need to be more secure

New study reveals major concerns over the security of connected cars

New research has revealed that half of British drivers (49%) are concerned about the safety of the connected car, with automotive manufacturers also admitting...

London’s black cabs to go electric

Aiming to sell to pollution-blighted cities worldwide, London’s black cab maker has revealed that its new cab design is electric. Despite being known as the...

Google launches Android SMS replacement

Google begins to roll-out its new worldwide Chat messaging service, replacing Android SMS text messages

Game-breaking bug found in PS4 exclusive

On 27 March, Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed in an email to the multimedia site Polygon that a game item called the ‘Lunarium Key’ went missing if a player initiated a multiplayer session in the game’s Forbidden Woods area. Without the key, several other game areas, characters and enemies are inaccessible. This content is for !!levels!! members only.
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Smart Home Solutions: Putting the spotlight on user experience

The Internet of Things offers increasingly sophisticated capabilities, and the opportunity to transform our everyday lives

Apple’s chipmaker back in production after computer virus

Apple's iPhone chipmaker is back in production after being infected with a virus at the weekend

Ford to test self-driving tech

Ford revealed it will be testing its latest self-driving technology next year, but will not begin commercial production until 2021