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Iterative aspects of machine learning

As a software tester, it's important to know the iterative aspect of machine learning, as models can have a mind of their own when exposed to new, fresh data

Does AI replace or assist?

Does artificial intelligence (AI) replace software testers, or assist? To find out what effect AI has on the tech-savvy individuals, Test Magazine reporter, Leah Alger, receives vitalising views from an array of software testers

The May 2017 issue TEST Magazine is now available to read online

The May 2017 issue of TEST Magazine reveals how to disrupt the recruitment process for a test manager; ways software is changing the public...

Waymo and Tesla’s self-driving data differences

Waymo and Tesla are both in the process of creating self-driving vehicles – but in different ways

September 2016 issue of TEST Magazine is now available online

The September 2016 issue of TEST Magazine is our biggest yet and includes interesting and helpful pieces such as an in-depth introduction to TMMi...

Apple faces new anniversary plans

Apple has been talking about replacing its fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone 8 with face recognition to celebrate its tenth anniversary, according to...

High-Tech Bridge CEO explains the importance of mobile backend security testing

According to High-Tech Bridge's CEO, Ilia Kolochenko, many companies still believe that mobile application security is limited to the application, completely forgetting about the backend of a system

Will robots take over low-paid jobs?

Touching upon a recent report, Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, asks senior software testers their thoughts on artificial intelligence taking over low-paid jobs

Microsoft launches Project Brainwave for real-time AI

Microsoft is on its way to helping developers perform artificial intelligence (AI) via its new computer chip, Project Brainwave, to lure users to Azure Cloud

Chip sales soar for Samsung

Samsung’s chip demand is "soaring", making a record profit of US$109million a day