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Flying cars

Flying cars – the future of transport!

This week, flying vehicles have been the hottest topic in the press, with the likes of Rolls-Royce, flying car start-up Kitty Hawk and Aston Martin showing off their hybrid-autonomous vehicles they hope will soon, officially, be flying the big blue sky!
Aston Martin

Aston Martin exposes ‘sports car for the skies’

Aston Martin unveils its "sports car for the skies" at the Farnborough Airshow
connected cars

Threat modelling for connected cars

With the advent of technology and need to be connected to the net, the channels of intrusion in connected cars are plenty
education market

AI in education market to grow 45% CAGR (2018 – 2024)

According to a new research report by the market research and strategy consulting firm Global Market Insights, artificial intelligence (AI) in the education market is to surpass US$6billion by 2024

The key to Jaguar’s infotainment system

Chris Hill, Head of Systems Engineering of Infotainment at Jaguar Land Rover, explains how he achieved designing the infotainment system for Jaguar’s new battery electric vehicle I-Pace at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

How do we support those whose jobs are lost to automation?

With automation, AI and robotics people are likely to be made redundant. This is why Fast Future are finding different ways of supporting the unemployed as they look to transition back into new areas of work while considering the mechanisms for funding

Uber, Intel, Apple and Microsoft drones soon to fly the US sky

As part of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Programme, Uber, Intel, Microsoft and Apple are soon to be flying drones around the USA for a variety of tasks including digital mapping, shopping deliveries and for conducting surveillance

How to ‘Shift Left’ to defeat defects

Ways to enable both testers and development with diverse skill sets to unanimously focus on quality from the beginning of a project, instead of finding defects later in the development lifecycle

NSTC speakers reveal the importance of using the correct tools

Software Testing News speaks exclusively with The National Software Testing Conference Speakers about the importance of tools being fit for purpose, up-to-date and easily accessible

Telstra Director believes automation is shaped by its cloud strategy

The Director of global platforms at Telstra, Jim Fagan, reveals in a keynote that the "path to automation is being shaped by its cloud strategy and the development of its Programmable Network"