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drone ambulance

Argodesign creates ‘drone ambulance’

Around 1,000 "savable" lives are lost every year from slow emergency response times. To help prevent this in the future, argodesign creates a "drone ambulance"
software testing and QA news

6 May 2016: This week’s highlighted articles 

Virgin Media's journey to intelligent and cognitive test automation  Returning for the third year with an exceptional line-up of speakers including heads of testing directors...
healthcare records

‘Security bugs’ put healthcare records at risk

Almost 100 million patients healthcare records worldwide were put at risk over 30 bugs being found in OpenEMR systems
software testing news

12 Feb 2016: This week’s highlighted articles

Trading firms face new stringent algorithm testing requirements  Firms must embrace new testing technologies for electronic and algorithmic trading to continue to trade and avoid...

Analysts say healthcare among top industries for ICT providers

By 2020, 22% of the world’s population will be of or above 60 years. In order to encourage independent living, IT service providers need...
mobile security digital

Mobile security report released

A new report reveals the next generation mobile security, which is focused on users; agile multi-factor authentication; mobile Single-Sign-On (SSO); data protection and a...

Ex-tech workers launch campaign to ‘prevent tech addicts’

Despite being the creators, two former employees from the likes of Google and Facebook have created 'The Center for Human Technology' campaign, in a bid to prevent addictive nature of technology

Microsoft to hire autistic software testers

Microsoft has announced plans to recruit staff with Asperger’s Syndrome and other autistic spectrum disorders. In a blog post on 3 April, Corporate Vice-President...
software failures in 2016

The biggest software fails of 2016

The newly released Software Fail Watch analyses all software bugs reported in 2016. The result is an extraordinary reminder of why effective software testing...

Lloyds: cyberattacks pose huge threat to global economy

A global cyberattack could have similar affects as a natural disaster on the economy. According to a 56-page report called Counting the cost: Cyber exposure...