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Software innovation in healthcare round up

The healthcare sector is benefitting immensely from going digital. Recent eHealth announcements show how cloud-based solutions and collaborative platforms are pushing future medical discoveries,...
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Think tank reports: as many as 250,000 public sector jobs set to be replaced...

Artificially intelligent (AI) chatbots could soon replace up to 90% of the UK government’s administrative staff, saving taxpayers billions and streamlining efficient services. According to...
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Going paperless: trends in healthcare

Jas Singh, CTO, Medelinked, focuses on mHealth and the challenge of digitisation in the healthcare sector. Most of us in the UK have reason to...

Medical care app improved through test automation

Software and services company DVT is working with Vula Mobile to provide quality care to rural and remote patients, with a range of software testing and test...

NHS remains ‘highly vulnerable’ to future threats, says report

Health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been asked to take “urgent” action to prevent another cyber attack on the NHS after a report revealed a string of health services failing in digital security

‘Hackathon’ aims to stop lifestyle issues through tech

The Tata group, which comprises over 100 companies spread across six continents, recently organised its first ‘Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Hackathon’ on healthcare

Lloyds: cyberattacks pose huge threat to global economy

A global cyberattack could have similar affects as a natural disaster on the economy. According to a 56-page report called Counting the cost: Cyber exposure...

Global cyberattack hits the NHS

A global ransomware cyberattack has hit over 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries, including blocking access to all PC files until a ransom...

BridgeHead Software announces new employee

BridgeHead Software today announces the addition of Rob Quinn to lead Global Product Marketing
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NHS Digital due to expand cybersecurity services

NHS Digital is due to expand its cybersecurity service, announces Innovation Minister, Nicola Blackwood. CareCERT was launched one year ago, helping health and care...