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Fintech vs traditional finance from testers perspectives

Testers reveal how people implement fintech over traditional banking channels while touching upon DevOps and agile practices

Automation Test Lead discusses software test automation in the banking sector

Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, catches up with the Founder of Cordbyte Limited and Automation Test Lead at a Major UK Bank, Richard Owusu, to discuss his experience and approach in the banking sector

Report advises 3 factors to consider when negotiating offshore

A recent report says experience, business size and development methodologies need to be considered while negotiating offshore software development rates

Google to develop blockchain-related product

To compete with start-ups, Alphabet Google develops a blockchain-related product

Report finds 59% of IT professionals expect salary increase

New research from Robert Walters finds that 59% of IT professionals are expecting their salaries to rise in 2018

Google to ban cryptocurrency adverts

Google is to ban all cryptocurrency adverts in a bid to prevent "emerging threats"

Kaspersky Lab identifies hacker group earning millions through mining malware

According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, cyber criminals use sophisticated infection methods and techniques borrowed from targeted attacks in order to install mining software on attacked PCs within organisations

UK games market hits record target

Industry figures show that the UK games market has hit its record target, reaching US$5billion in spending last year

Microsoft founder says cryptocurrencies are ‘killing people’

Microsoft founder Bill Gates says cryptocurrencies are killing people in a "fairly direct way"

Australian bitcoin ‘creator’ sued for US$10billion

An Australian man called Craig Wright is being sued for more than US$10billion by a former business partner regarding the creation of bitcoin