Indian software market to reach US$5.1billion by 2018

The Indian software market is expected to grow with a year-on-year growth rate of 11.9%, reaching US$5.1billion by the end of 2018, according to IDC

Head of SEC warns cryptocurrency investors of scams

The head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) advises bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors to be careful of criminal activity and scams

Australian stock exchange firm develops blockchain

Australian stock exchange firm, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), reveals it will be becoming the first worldwide market to use bitcoin technology, in a bid to settle and clear trades

Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China develops 70% of AI, says report

In a bid to secure Britain’s position as a “world leader” in tech and innovation, Chancellor Phillip Hammond has revealed his funding plans to help tech in the UK

IBM says blockchain could secure Canada’s cannabis sales

IBM says blockchain technology could provide a “secure way to track the legal sale of cannabis in Canada," as the country plans to legalise cannabis next year

86% of UK consumers trust banks to manage money ‘effectively’, says report  

86% of UK consumers trust their banking providers with their personal information and to manage their money effectively

Cyber criminals ‘exploit’ blockchain’s popularity, says Kaspersky

Cyber criminals are looking for ways to capitalise the popularity of blockchain, while cryptocurrency holders search for new investment opportunities

Cyber criminals target art galleries

Art galleries and dealers appear to be targeted by cyber criminals with an email scam, fooling some organisations

HSBC’s app crash

HSBC’s app crashes on the day it said to be spending US$200million on digital banking services

Chip sales soar for Samsung

Samsung’s chip demand is "soaring", making a record profit of US$109million a day