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Summit Report

New Report takes an in-depth look at European software testing projects

A new report written by the Judging Panel from the 2016 European Software Testing Awards, analyses past and current entries into the Awards programme,...
January issue TEST Magazine

The January 2017 TEST Magazine is now available to read online

The January 2017 issue of TEST Magazine is now available to read online! It is packed with articles on training, tester development and a...
cyber security

Security penetration testing as a service – how to fight cybercrime on demand

Daily news of website breaches brings testing inadequacies to the fore. Web app owners can now bring together automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testers...
financial services

Artificial intelligence ‘transforms financial services’

At Tug Life, Terry Cordeiro, Head of Product Management at Lloyds Banking Group, explains how artificial intelligence (AI) has completely transformed how financial services work
The European Software Testing Summit Report

Testing trends in the Financial Sector

Soon to be published, The European Software Testing Summit Report, contains findings derived from four years’ worth of project-based entries into The European Software...

Hacker steals IOTA cryptocurrency worth US$4million

A hacker steals US$4million worth of IOTA cryptocurrency via an "elaborate phishing site"

Fintech vs traditional finance from testers perspectives

Testers reveal how people implement fintech over traditional banking channels while touching upon DevOps and agile practices

TSB contractors reveal rushed software tests

Two contractors working on Britain's TSB Bank computer systems say "rushed and inadequate testing and poor internal communication" is the reason for 1.9 million customers not being able to access their accounts
better governance

Capital One banks on continuous delivery & better governance

Senior Director at Capital One, Tapabrata Pal, discusses "Better governance: banking on continuous delivery" at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018
Nedbank software testing

The software shipyard: building our builders

Software engineering as a career is an exciting world to be part of. As the oceans cover most of the earth and adventurers of...