Bitcoins lost from wallets disappear into the unknown

More than US$140,000 worth of bitcoins have been removed from online wallets, previously paid by WannaCry victims

Wipro and Tricentis become partners

Indian software specialists Wipro said it has invested an undisclosed sum in software testing company Tricentis

OVH opens the ‘first of many’ datacentres

OVH has opened its new datacentre in south east London for the first time

Adolescents in front line of internet adoption

The United Nation’s (UN) ICT agency revealed global data showing that young people between the ages of 15-24 are at the front line of...

Callsign raise US$35million in the UK tech sectors ‘sign of confidence’

Cyber security start-up, Callsign, has raised US$35million in a recent sign of confidence in the UK tech sector To let smartphone users confirm their identity,...

‘No More Ransom’ deprives cybercriminals of £6.5million

This time last year, the Dutch National Police, Europol, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab created an initiative called ‘No More Ransom’. ‘No More Ransom’s’ website covers...

Veritas study: Organisations believe they are GDPR compliant

Veritas found that organisations across the globe ‘mistakenly’ believe they comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The multi-cloud data management company’s report,...
Sopa Banking

Kaspersky Lab reveals NukeBot: The new bank hacker

 Kaspersky Lab researchers have found a new malware called NukeBot, which contains a code designed to steal online banking customer information from specific banks,...

Blockchain’s stock exchange

IBM Blockchain technology will be used by the London Stock Exchange, to help unrecorded businesses make shareholding information clearer, replacing paper-trading certificates still in...

Government announces £86million healthcare tech fund

The government has announced its £86million fund for new healthcare technology, including the launch of a new Digital Health Catalyst. The fund is to help...