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March issue of TEST Magazine is online

This magazine issue primarily touches upon DevOps, continuous delivery, agile methodologies and mobile and application testing, to help you grasp current testing principles and to open up your mind via a journal of state-of-the-art information

Report finds 59% of IT professionals expect salary increase

New research from Robert Walters finds that 59% of IT professionals are expecting their salaries to rise in 2018

Will robots take over low-paid jobs?

Touching upon a recent report, Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, asks senior software testers their thoughts on artificial intelligence taking over low-paid jobs

Research shows 93% of enterprises face application delivery challenges

Datical announces the results of an independent survey that found enterprise application teams are more hindered than ever by database teams to accelerate application updates

GDPR is a ‘potential minefield for the BBC’, says Test Manager

Test Manager at the BBC, Bill Watson, reveals how the BBC ensures project workflows are reviewed and GDPR compliant for the May deadline

Virgin Media brings fibre broadband to rural communities

A local campaign in Hampshire, which is in conjunction with Virgin Media, brings fibre broadband to rural communities

NEW FOR 2018: Advertise jobs with Software Testing News

Advertise jobs with Software Testing News; the perfect place to find quality candidates, while reducing hiring time via a large network with followers around the globe

UK games market hits record target

Industry figures show that the UK games market has hit its record target, reaching US$5billion in spending last year

E-passports need more anti-forgery measures, says senators

For more than a decade, US border control agents haven't been using the incorrect software in order to verify e-passports, according to two US senators

Tax advantageous venture capital schemes to attract business investment

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) offers new and growing young businesses potentially attractive vehicles for securing much-needed investment