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Machine learning to identify correlations between KPI’s and developer behaviours

Wayne Tofteroo, Head of Test Common Services at DVLA, explains how machine learning is used to identify positive and negative correlations between KPI’s and developer behaviours

China’s schools use AI to grade essays

According to the South China Morning Post, 60,000 schools in China are testing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that scores students’ work automatically

Is graphene the future of computing?

Researchers have designed a new graphene-based transistor which has the ability to make computers 1000 times faster, according to Futurism

Why should we care about cutting and pasting open source code?

Vice President of Product Management at Flexera explains how all new apps and modern build systems automatically pull in hundreds of open source components or libraries into products, as well as other third-party components and files

ACOLA awarded US$417,941 to report on IoT and AI

To research and report on the benefits and risks of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) has been awarded US$417,941 in government funding

May issue of TEST Magazine is available online

The May issue of TEST Magazine primarily focuses on smart cities and devices, because of technology having the power to make cities around the world more efficient and tech-savvy

DevOps Focus Groups 2018 Supplement

Check out and download the DevOps Focus Groups Supplement from the DevOps Focus Groups held on the 20 March 2018, Park Inn by Radisson, London, Heathrow

The developer of the future

Technical Director at DCSL Software explains how artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT and blockchain is both exciting and daunting, especially for those tasked with enticing new talent to the industry

Uber, Intel, Apple and Microsoft drones soon to fly the US sky

As part of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Programme, Uber, Intel, Microsoft and Apple are soon to be flying drones around the USA for a variety of tasks including digital mapping, shopping deliveries and for conducting surveillance

How to ‘Shift Left’ to defeat defects

Ways to enable both testers and development with diverse skill sets to unanimously focus on quality from the beginning of a project, instead of finding defects later in the development lifecycle