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The crucial voice of independent software verification and validation

Independent software verification and validation – today’s fiercely commercial world places increasing pressure on the professional test manager to provide a complete, truthful and independent picture of the state of testing progress
TEST Magazine

Want to be a part of TEST Magazine’s top 20 leading providers?

The software testing landscape changes rapidly and we, at TEST Magazine, find that an annual update on the marketplace is a good starting place as testers consider purchase decisions going forward

Police crack the case of unstructured data

How the policing sector cracks the case of unstructured data and how they can better harness this wealth of information

How the NHS can unlock their data problem with AI

How the NHS could better use artificial intelligence (AI) and data from SAS, the leader in data analytics

Software testing has begun on Facebook dating app

Following Facebook's announcement at its F8 developer conference, the social media site has begun internally testing its new dating feature with employees

The key to maintaining software quality

Richard Simms, Test Architect, ROQ, unveils ways to prevent digital disruption by maintaining the quality of software
world's first

How Apple became the world’s first US$1trillion company!

Following a leap in stock and strong Q3 earnings, Apple has grown into the world's first US$1trillion company – but how did the American technology company achieve this? 
big data

SnapLogic VP discusses big data & GDPR challenges

Craig Stewart, Vice President of Product Management, SnapLogic, exclusively discusses business challenges when managing big data while touching upon the difficulties of staying GDPR compliant 

How Vue’s technical issues quickly became business issues

Antony Edwards, CTO, Eggplant, discusses how in the social media age, technical issues quickly become business issues. Vue’s challenges today highlight once again why the quality of the digital experience needs to be a board-level topic and not the appendix of a development process

Toughening up fintech via the sandbox approach

Client Director at Godel Technologies Europe explains how the UK’s sandbox approach supports investment in fintech