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Power firms alerted over cyber safety with Ukraine’s electricity grid

Power firms globally are being notified on how to notice if hackers who closed down parts of Ukraine’s electricity grid are targeting them

Security commentators ‘praise’ Virgin America over data breach

Security commentators have praised Virgin America’s response and detection to a data breach

Pollution testing centres use pirated software

The Association of Authorised Testing Station for Motor Vehicles reveals that its pirated software is being used by several pollution testing centres

Former BMW and Apple employees unveil ‘futuristic’ smart car

Former BMW and Apple employees unveil its new US$45,000 electric car called Byton at the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas

Axa: UK lacks electric car charging points

According to the UK boss of the insurance firm Axa, the strain on energy suppliers and lack of charging points are the biggest barriers to autonomous vehicles entering the transport mainstream
EY reveal India's security problems

Ukraine cyberattack creates chaos

Some of Ukraine's major institutions have been among the targets of a huge cyber attack. Deputy Prime Minister Rozenko Pavlo said he and other members...

Sky to ditch satellite dishes

Sky announces it's to make all its content and channels available online, giving customers the option to access channels without having to use a satellite dish

Apple to bring 4 gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020

Apple announces the firm's global facilities are 100% run by renewable energy, and touches upon an eco-friendly incentive
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Mobile security report released

A new report reveals the next generation mobile security, which is focused on users; agile multi-factor authentication; mobile Single-Sign-On (SSO); data protection and a...
security for IoT

What are the security concerns surrounding IoT?

Barry Mattacott, Marketing Director at Wick Hill Group, looks at the security risks of linking more and more smart devices to our networks. Are we...