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California-based transportation network company Uber technologies Inc., has suspended their range of pilot driverless vehicles on Saturday after another crash was reported in Arizona. The car, which is built with nascent technology, crashed onto an Arizona roadway according to the driverless...


agile testing roundtable

TEST Focus Groups: agile testing highlights

QMetry recently hosted practitioners and evangelists of agile testing for an invigorating discussion on agile testing’s impact on delivering quality faster and better at...

Software reduces need for animal testing

UL Environment, a division of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), have announced the launch of ReachAcross™ software a chemical assessment tool that helps companies meet REACH...

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Are you testing on the right digital platforms?

Are you testing on the right digital platforms?

Are you testing on the right digital platforms? Learn which devices and browsers will have the best test coverage in your regions, the top apps...
Testing the Internet of Things 2.0

Testing the Internet of Things 2.0

Opportunities and challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things This white paper is discussing the key software challenges presented in the development of IoT devices,...
Test Birds White Paper

Testing 4.0

Today’s technology is causing massive changes in nearly all aspects of daily life. Everyday objects such as toothbrushes and vacuum cleaners are now turning...


Optimising the online customer experience

Richard Lack, Managing Director EMEA, Gigya, explores the importance of investing in and understanding the user experience for ecommerce. Customer expectations on the internet have...

Open source vulnerabilities in application software

Patrick Carey, Director of Product Marketing, Black Duck Software, discusses what software testers need to know about open source vulnerabilities in application software.  Building reliable...
TEST Magazine gaming

The March 2017 issue TEST Magazine is now available to read online

The March 2017 issue of TEST Magazine dives into the relationship between QA and UX, with interviews, research and opinion pieces. The issue also looks...


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